• Dana Kellner

Week 1 Workout: Monday

I am a lazy person. Let me rephrase this to speak power to my new self: I am in the process of breaking lazy habits. The last month I walked as my calorie burn, which has served me well. I lost 12 lbs in a month. I HIGHLY recommend walking for weight loss when you're beginning, and you can read why here. But, I have a few new goals this week.

1. I am trying to really set my metabolism on fire. I explored how to do this better in this other post, but to save time, building lean muscle mass is one huge way to do that, so, this week is a concentrated effort on this goal. I can't wait to see that muscle mass number rise on my scale over the next month! Stay tuned!

2. I want a bigger weight loss this week. I was disappointed with my -1 lb results last week. I know if I want to see -2 or more a week, I need to up the intensity of my workouts, and adding resistance training (even if it is just body weight resistance), my heart rate will be pushed! Follow me on Instagram and I'll post my heart rate summary on my story.

3. I don't want to just get thinner. I have lost weight doing cardio before, and I still was not happy with the lack of definition on my body. Some of my biggest areas of concern are my arms, my stomach, and my back. Those areas, even when I am at a healthy weight, always look chubby. I may decide later that I want lipo in those areas, but for now, I am going to see what I can control with toning and nutrition.

4. I want some base fitness before lifting. My local gym opens back up in a week after being closed during the quarantine. I am so excited about that, but I feel like starting with body weight stuff might help prepare my body for what I am about to do. I am super excited to get into the gym and build some muscle.

Without further adieu. I give you... My Tuesday Workout for the next 4 weeks:


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